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"Nature is always hinting at us. It hints over and over again. And suddenly we take the hint."
          -- Robert F

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New for 2015

Take a Safari with Dr. D. 
Non-fiction Storytelling for kids & adults

Dr. Dimuzio offers programs based on her experiences working with animals in Africa, Asia, North and South America.  Read more on the Programs tab.

NT&T partners wit and Wildlife Conservation Society 

We encourage everyone to take a stand against the massacre of elephants for ivory in Africa.  It is devastating to think these magnificent animals could be gone from the wild within the decade. You can hear some exciting and memorable adventures with elephants in Africa and Asia through Dr. D's nonfiction storytelling. 

Nature Tales and Trails, LLC

Our mission at Nature Tales and Trails is to connect children to the natural world through classroom talks, nature walks, and books about our adventures working with wildlife at home and around the world.  Read more About Us.

Following the award winning, Bark! Bark! Bark for My Park!  Jessica Dimuzio, VMD and Johnny Angel team up again to tell a story about organic gardening.  Read more about both books under the Books tab where you can also order copies. Check out the personal note of appreciation for Bark! Bark! Bark for My Park! fromcelebrity Betty White and the excellent reviews from US Review of Books for both Bark! Bark! and Bow Wow!

Under the Programs tab, you will learn more about our indoor and outdoor activities for children and adults. Programs for elementry and middle grade students are designed to meet several of the PA academic standards in Persuasive Writing, Civic Responsibility, and Environment and Ecology.

Upcoming events and public appearances are listed under the News & Events tab along with news stories and press materials. 

For further information or to schedule school visits, field trips, or author events such as library visits, conference appearances, talks, and writing workshops, contact us at:

Thank you for your interest in Nature Tales and Trails, LLC. 

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