Stories from the Wild -- Programs for Your Child


During the "Make a Difference" program, Dr. Dimuzio leads elementary and middle school classes in a civic-minded exercise. First the class chooses a project they feel would benefit their school and which they believe they can accomplish. Following guidelines provided by Dr. D., they write a petition to the school principal asking to implement their request. If the request will cost money, the students are guided to include in the petition the method they will use to raise funds.

Here are some examples of petition topics chosen during previous classroom visits.

    • Install recycling containers for cafeteria and playground.
    • Save endangered species by adopting an animal from the zoo.
    • Plant trees.
    • Provide tutoring for math and Spanish.
    • Institute a whole school recycling program.
    • Obtain playground equipment.
    • Develop an anti-bullying program.
    • Have more art and music programs.
    • Have recess outside.
    • Install a composting bin at the school.
    • Develop a memorial garden for a former teacher.
    • Have more author visits.
    • Conduct trash pick-up in the neighborhood in conjunction with the Earth Club.
    • Have an afternoon recess.